Our Ambition

We shall make a difference in a rapidly changing world

We want to make a difference for companies in a rapidly changing world. We will help businesses to succeed in a world of possibilities.

We will do this by helping people and businesses to realize their ambitions, create value and ensure economic growth.

We are here for accountants, business owners and financial managers and we shall be the auditor and counselor in the market providing the best services so that the customer can create value in their company.

This we can say because we have specialized in finance and business consulting for midsize companies for 20 years, is passionately devoted to providing personal service and we are skilled to put us into the client’s situation.

Our values are unifying, adaptable and committed.

Our main services are: Auditing, business advice and to ensure that companies succeed in a global marketplace, as well as to help global companies to succeed in Norway.

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Please contact us for any inquiry:
phone: +47 22 08 35 10

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